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At Healthy Connections, we offer psychometric assessments, to help you gain useful insights into your cognitive, intellectual, behavioural, and emotional functioning.

Whether used for educational, vocational, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes, psychometric assessments are an integral part of our holistic approach to mental health care, ensuring that we provide you with the most effective and personalised support on your journey towards well-being.

What we can help with:

Comprehensive ADHD Assessment (ages 5+)

Cognitive Ability Assessment (ages 5+)

Academic Achievement Testing (ages 5+)

ASD Assessment (ages 18+)

Adult Cognitive/Dementia Assessment

Behavioral Assessment


Who can help:

alisha jain clinical psychologist blue mountain
Client Care team
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astrid harris psychologist blue mountain
Astrid Harris
Clinical Psychology Registrar
jane 2
Jane Cullen
Clinical Psychologist
kerrie smith psychologist blue mountain
Kerrie Smith
Senior Clincal Psychologist